Tuesday, January 01, 2008

100 Things

So, Logan originally asked me to do 8 things, but then I read Ike's 100 and decided to go for it.
1. I copied this from a friend who inspires me.
2. I have been on different extremes politically and believe I am now at a point where I will most likely stay the rest of my life.
3. I have several dream projects going but have yet to finish one of them.
4. I believe I am very gifted at many things but not disciplined enough to be great at any of them.
5. When I was young I was really into astronomy and myths & legends and wanted to become a professional astronomer.
6. I was bullied in school every year from 4th grade through High School by various jerks.
7. I grew nearly a foot in one year in High School and now have lots of back, knee, and feet problems.
8. I want to be a professional musician.
9. I am trying to get into shape so that I might pursue a career in law enforcement.
10. I had a hard time in school, but now that I am out of school, want to go back and get a Master's degree.
11. I am writing a book on ministry and evangelism.
12. I have always been horrible at math. For some reason though, I have a desire to go to Barnes & Noble, buy some books and learn math again starting with Algebra until I can do Calculus level stuff.
13. I don't see a problem with becoming a Mega-Church as long as the focus is Jesus and not size. Wouldn't that draw people?
14. I love a cappella music more than any other style, but am often disappointed by church a cappella quality.
15. I didn't play any sports in High School, but played basketball in college.
16. If I could go back to High School, I would have joined the football team.
17. If it existed (as diagnosis) when I was growing up, I probably would have been ADD.
18. I have written a Seinfeld episode. This will be featured (at last) in a future blog post.
19. I almost joined a pro-wrestling training facility during college. I had the admission forms filled out.
20. The only girl I ever dated was my wife Janna.
21. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21 out of choice.
22. I cried when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.
23. I want to invent something or start something that will revolutionize the way an organization or industry performs.
24. I have often thought of really great ideas only to see them on store shelves years later.
25. I want a motorcycle.

26. I am naturally an introvert and have to force myself to be outgoing.
27. I hate dancing.
28. I hate talking on the telephone.
29. I think everyone should have email and use it regularly.
30. I used to know the lyrics to every Metallica song and could sing the guitar solos. Think Jack Black in Tenacious D and School of Rock...it sounded like that.
31. My eyesight is so bad, I believe I will one day be blind.
32. I am naturally pessimistic.
33. I don't like extreme viewpoints and will intentionally argue the opposite side even if I agree.
34. I know I would be good at "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" but it's not on television anymore.
35. My dream job is to have a recording studio and record many new artists that would someday be on the radio.
36. I have days that I think I am a horrible father and husband.
37. I get easily wound up.
38. I love most movies. I own almost 500 DVD's. They are alphabetized on my shelves. The movies I don't like have often won Oscars and become regarded highly by other people.
39. I want to plant a new church. It would be in the Restoration Movement family, but look nothing like a mainstream Church of Christ.
40. I procrastinate. This list took me 4 months to write.
41. I explain myself too much.
42. I like wearing all black but think Emo and Goth are odd.
43. Bill O'Reilly has read a viewer email of mine on the O'Reilly Factor. I have it recorded.
44. I think famous quotes are dumb. If you ask me my favorite quote, it's going to be something funny.
45. The most theologically conservative churches I have worked for have the nicest people I have ever known.
46. My brain was designed for self-employment. I just don't work well for other people. That or I hate micromanagement...I'm not sure yet.
47. I am starting my own business if I would just stop procrastinating. See #40.
48. I consider my theological views as conservative, but that's only because the vocabulary we use is wrong.
49. I believe I will never win an award for anything. See #32.
50. I think it is a farce that you have to rub elbows to be good at something. I hate seeing it in the church even more.

51. I never had a nickname until I was 27. It was given to me by a 7 year old.
52. My brain is full of useless information. See #53-54.
53. I used to speak Klingon.
54. I used to be able to name that tune, artist, and album it was released on. I just can't keep up with most new music to do it today.
55. I marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade (as seen on television this morning) in Pasadena, California my senior year of high school. I met Angela Lansbury and nearly decapitated the clarinet player in front of me as I rammed into her with my bass drum in front of thousands of people.
56. I used to know what time it was without a watch and without looking at a clock. I just knew.
57. I know when people are saying negative things about me. I just know
58. I once tried to be the chaplain for Disney child stars. I obviously didn't get it.
59. I think Taco Bell made its biggest marketing mistake by replacing Mexi-Nuggets with those nasty Fiesta Potatoes. Bring back MY Mexi-Nuggets!!!
60. I play classical bassoon.
61. I play the drums.
62. I vocal drum. Beat box. Vocal Perc. Mouth Drums.
63. I play a little baritone saxophone.
64. My favorite preacher is Chris Seidman.
65. I still feel like it's 1996 and I am in college even though I am now 32.
66. I don't like talking. I would be silent most of the day unless it was to sing.
67. I love mixing sound, but find joy behind the mic.
68. I play a little guitar.
69. I have a hard time staying still in church.
70. I believe now that postmodernism is dying. It has come and is going. My prediction is that the church will be like the church of the 80's & 90's again with a bigger emphasis on service. Contemporary yet socially oriented.
71. I am really quiet until you get to know me.
72. I played drums in a punk rock band in college called "The Erectones".
73. When I get a cold, it is worse than most people's colds.
74. I love Scrabble.
75. I want to start a Christian version of "The Muppet Show" that tours to churches live. The Muppet Show had a Muppet audience. Mine would be real people.

76. When I do something "big", I think I do it really well.
77. I know I have friends, but have days where I don't feel like I have any.
78. I believe the church should be intentional in helping its members make friends.
79. I am developing a stand-up comedy routine.
80. I am a self-taught artist. I wanted to be a cartoonist and draw comic strips for a living when I was younger.
81. iPods are one of the best inventions for music lovers but I still think buying CD's (in hand at a store) are essential.
82. I LOVE Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. If he was in it, I have seen it.
83. If I could get an audition, I would be on Saturday Night Live.
84. I grew up in Stockton, California but consider Portland, Oregon home.
85. I like cold weather.
86. I have never given blood voluntarily.
87. King of the Hill had to have been designed after the people at the church I worked at in Texas. It is now one of my favorite shows because of this.
88. I love Mexican food. The spicier the better. I collect different hot sauces for food. Most of them taste the same to me.
89. I started wearing glasses when I was 5 years old.
90. I think Tom Green is really funny.
91. I love guacamole. The Pampered Chef kind is my favorite.
92. I think carbon credits are a hoax...please don't buy them.
93. I wish Mike Rowe would do a Dirty Jobs episode for Youth Ministry.
94. I know people who get compliments and awards and praise for supposedly unique talents and things I can secretly do better, but choose not to step out and do myself. See #49.
95. I believe music is how God gives us joy.
96. I had a dachshund growing up named Sausage. I still remember the day he died.
97. I am the tallest person in my family.
98. I think ketchup is gross on french fries.
99. I know all the lyrics to the COPS theme song (Bad Boys by Inner Circle) even though they don't make sense.
100. Even though I am so big, I often feel invisible.

101. This list was challenging to make, but I think I could've kept going for a while. I have made several changes since I posted it originally...