Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Counterfeit" by Terry Rush

I am really impressed with this article by Terry Rush. He speaks to an issue I too have seen.


I'm bugged, bothered, and frustrated that a strong portion of mankind has bailed on God as if He did something wrong. Much of the peeling away from Him, in reality, has nothing to do with Him yet He is the One who gets hurt in the process.

Man has built stubborn defenses against spirituality in general because of counterfeits. This is the distant roar from the anti-church people. God has been banned from homes, offices, and schools because of counterfeits...like me on some days...when God has done nothing but beg through allowing His son's torture and ultimate death in hope we will awaken to Truth.

Counterfeit money is everywhere, yet I've never met one person who balks against the use of money. Flim-flam sales teams hit the unsuspecting, yet the masses still make purchases. Rogues rip off the elderly through misrepresentation and, still, the elderly engage in financial strategies.

Why won't people treat God with the same mercy?

Masses are going to live eternally without God and His heaven because they focused on the bad eggs among us....which at times are us....only to rob themselves. Yes there are counterfeits. But you can't have a counterfeit unless there is a truth. God is Truth.

Whatever man may find to dismiss God, rethinking must take place. Blame organized and unorganized churches all one wants, this will not hold up as a good excuse when the Master inquires as to why He was snubbed throughout the many adult years.


Amen! I would add the question, if people think they are morally higher than those of us who make mistakes but are genuine in our faith, won't they treat us with this mercy as well? No one has it perfect, but if we are doing our honest best, why should we be abandoned in the process.