Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm Frustrated

I'm frustrated.

It's so easy to get online and post about the things that happen in a day in the life. I could do that every day, but I don't. Today I am posting the short sentence "I'm frustrated." because I am and it needed to be said.

I used to post on my blog pretty regularly. All sorts of things from politics, the things happening in my life, entertainment and geek-fandom, to religion and faith.

The problem is I used to be treated pretty unfairly when I would touch on taboo subjects. Mind you, I don't mind getting into debate and being able to speak one's mind freely and speak from the heart. It's just that people would read so much into what I was saying and accusing me of saying things I wasn't really saying.

Then the tag line at the end of their reply would be something like, "You've changed Mike. You used to be so nice."

It is what has kept me from blogging regularly. I keep promising that I will be coming back to writing regularly, but I just can't find the gumption deep down to post. I'm afraid of the accusations. I'm afraid of friends calling me unloving or even worse, nothing like Christ.

I remember when it was unloving to never speak about the sin and wrongs going on. If you kept quiet you were not doing what you should. Now we keep our mouths shut because it might hurt someone's feelings to say something negative and we don't want to keep them from discovering Jesus by our attitudes.

Jesus had a lot to say about that and he would disagree with today's naysayers. He would talk about how difficult it is to enter the kingdom for those unwilling to obey his commands. I just want to say I want to post more often on my blog. I really do. I have lots to talk about. But, I'm frustrated.