Friday, May 03, 2013

Learning From Adam

Many people think about the fall in Genesis in a pretty simple way: Eve listened to the serpent and sinned by eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She then gave some to Adam and he ate of it. Their eyes were opened and they realized they were naked. They hid because they were ashamed. God then looks for them (as if He didn't know where they were) and asks them who told them they were naked (as if He didn't know).

Sounds pretty familiar and simple.

I think there's something missing. We're told that the sin began with Eve and she is the reason women have pain in childbirth and men have to work the ground and it's hard...which both of those things is true. I just think most people don't teach the full story from this well-known passage of history and Scripture.

If we read all of Scripture in context, we also read that God made man and woman and they were to join together to become one. A partnership. Woman being created as a helpmate to man as he leads his family. I believe the thing we're missing is only discovered if we ask this one question: Where was Adam when Eve was listening to the serpent and why didn't he speak up?

I believe the first sin in Scripture came from Adam. He didn't live up to the responsibility that God gave him. He stood by as Eve listened to the serpent's lies and ate of the fruit and then joined her in eating as well. He wasn't leading her, he was compliant in the sin

I still believe that men are called to live up to this responsibility. It is our duty, our responsibility to guard our families, to teach them, and to protect them from the schemes of the devil. If we're not doing so, we're leaving open the possibility that they will fall into sin (realizing of course, that sin will happen, even to us as men).

So, I guess this is a call to men to lead your families. We've been charged to lead. When we don't, we're committing the same sin Adam committed in the beginning. It is a noble task and one we should not take lightly. Ladies, will you please allow us to do so and let us make mistakes as we learn to be better leaders every day? I believe it is the most important ministry that we men have been called.

Image courtesy Alex E. Proimos