Saturday, September 07, 2013

Book Review: Like Mind

If you take the Matrix and mix it with James Bond and travel to Portland, Oregon, you get Like Mind by James T. Wood. 

Corey is poor and looking for a way to make money. He answers an ad to subject himself to experimental treatment for 50 bucks. This treatment gives him the ability to learn things in an instant just by seeing it. He quickly realizes that there are government NSA agents looking for him and his new traveling companion Anka. He also finds out he will die unless he gets more treatment. Will he make it in time and live? Will the agents prevent him from reaching his goal?

Pros: It was so fun to read Like Mind. Those that live in the Northwest will understand many of the references to places in Portland and Seattle (and all points in between) and that makes it easy to immerse yourself in the adventure. Like Mind is full of humor. There are a lot of snarky references to pop culture and I found myself snickering at the references.

Cons: Some of the jokes are corny and I groaned a little. The story seemed to end really abruptly. There is a bit of bad language and sensuality which raises the reading audience somewhere around PG-13. But I'm 38 and I can give myself permission to read it. Overall, Like Mind was very enjoyable.

By the end, you are definitely rooting for Corey to overcome the obstacles he and Anka face. I recommend picking up Like Mind by James T. Wood.

I received this in eBook format free from my good friend James T. Wood. Even though we are friends, I was not required to write a favorable review. I was only asked to be honest. The words are my own.