Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

I posted a shorter version of this on Facebook today and thought I would share it here:
This day in history holds a special place in my heart. It changed me and the way I view the world. I woke up and I educated myself. I learned a lot. Many say I sold out and became an extremist, right-wing conservative.

I always knew my Savior and my God, but my trust in Christ and His Gospel of salvation actually increased because I knew that without Him these events would cause men to lose hope. I needed to put my trust in Him first.

Sadly, we now have two events of the same nature on the same day, yet most only remember the first one because it is etched in our memories through the horror of those events. The terrorists who hit the World Trade Center twelve years ago were brazen and bold. We did not ever expect this to happen to us...not here.

Many will not remember the second event, because we are told it is 'phony'. We do not leave our men behind but that is what we did. Last year (2012) in Benghazi, Libya, our ambassadors and representatives called for help. Our president and his administration went to sleep and flew to campaign rallies the next morning. Our men died and were drug through the streets as the terrorists in the Middle East cheered. So far, no one has taken the blame for the attack on our consulate in Libya. In fact, someone set off a car bomb in Benghazi today in the same location. Again, there is silence.

So today I remember. I will continue to remember that we are not handed our freedom; it is not passed through our bloodlines. We have to fight for it. The 3000+ that lost their lives and those that responded in bravery will be honored by me and many millions of other people today. They are due that respect. However, until there is justice for the Benghazi Four, we are not free. I will not remain silent about it. I will not accept the scorn from those who think Benghazi was phony and I will not let anyone ridicule me for speaking up about it. I can show the attitude of Christ and forgive them, but those who are responsible should still receive discipline.

Leadership, real leadership, stands tall and sets the tone. I will lead and pray for our nation and pray for her enemies. God bless our troops, police, firefighters, and emergency personnel. God bless America.