Friday, March 28, 2014

Christian Boycotts

 With all the controversies that happen daily with people and companies, you would think we had an epidemic of foot-in-mouth disease. It seems that every day another company insults Christians and our beliefs. They don't think they are being offensive until there is an uproar. Sometimes, the uproar is necessary. We're called to point out false teachers when they try to subvert the Word of God. But there are also times when we should be silent.

The Noah movie is out now and many Christians are really angry about it. The movie is directed by an atheist and the reason Noah builds an ark has more to do with a green environmental objective rather than hearing from God that the world is wicked.

World Vision's president decided to loosen their hiring policy to be open to homosexuals as long as they are married under the law of their state. Then he back-pedaled from the pressure of all the outraged Christians who rightly claimed that while the state may recognize these unions, as Christians we should not condone them.

I am okay with boycotts of companies that you do not agree with. I am NOT okay with making it a public boycott and screaming that we should all boycott these companies. I think our response as Christians should be to do what we feel is right and that which makes our conscience clean. If you choose to boycott a company, politely tell them why and leave it at that. If someone asks you about that company and whether you shop there or use their service, you can politely tell them why you don't. I just don't think it is helping our witness to call publicly for boycotts.

I like World Vision and their mission. The decision to allow homosexuals to be employed is theirs alone. Likewise, it is up to me whether I will give them my business or not. The same goes for the Noah movie. The same goes for a number of others I have chosen to not give my business.

That is my decision. There are some companies I will not associate with because of their contempt for people like me. To be like Christ is to pray for all of them and the issues they have. As for Noah, I don't know that I will go see it in the theaters only because it doesn't sound like it isn't faithful to Genesis. I will probably catch it on Netflix to know what it was about and because the special effects looked amazing in the trailer. I will encourage everyone to support God Is Not Dead in the theaters and on May 6th at 7:30pm to find a theater showing Irreplaceable by Focus on the Family. Both are filmed with an aim to honor God.

If you choose to boycott them or World Vision, please keep it between you and the company. Screaming that you are boycotting World Vision and everyone else should too is only going to hurt the many children that need sponsorships. If you already sponsor a child through WV, you should contact them and let them know you are not happy with their decision, but keep sending money for those kids. They need our help.

The Christian thing to do in all of this is to make the decision for yourselves. If it is a matter of a false teacher, call them out, but do it gently with scripture to back it up. But please remember we are hurting our witness of Jesus when we mistreat others...and I may not be completely consistent in every boycott I choose. There are likely companies I endorse that do the exact thing the companies I boycott do. That is why it is important to keep these to myself.