Sunday, March 30, 2014

When I'm Gone

I had an encounter with Crazy Love by Francis Chan today. Chapter 9 is interesting. He makes a list of people who he feels are living their lives with the "crazy" love that we should have as disciples of Jesus. While I disagree with a couple of the aforementioned people and their teaching, the idea of what people would say of me when I am gone (and now that dumb Cup Game song is in my head) got me thinking.

I made an exercise out of Chapter 9. What would people say about me? What would my legacy be? The future is uncertain, but I have some ideas of what I would like said of me. It goes a little like:

Mike was a man full of wisdom. He always listened to what someone had to say. He was always gentle but firm when it came to helping people grow. He had the Word living in his heart and could recite applicable verses to any situation and he lived his faith as wasn't Pharisaical knowledge with nothing behind it. Mike had a big heart and loved with righteous love. He laughed with those who were joyful and cried with the hurting. His desire was for everyone to forsake evil and he expected a lot from people. If they were lacking, he wanted to help them mature. Mike saw holiness as the most important virtue one could have. He prayed daily for wisdom and searched Scripture for knowledge. He never thought he achieved the kind of wisdom he sought but in many people's eyes, he surpassed it. Mike was the wisest man we knew. He was gifted in leading worship, teaching, listening, loving, and encouraging others every chance he got. He embraced the Gospel of Jesus as the best news anyone could hear. Today, his children and grandchildren are continuing his legacy.
I may not have written this perfectly. Some may disagree with some of these qualities--that they aren't good things to have said. I like to think that this is good even if some of it is difficult to accept. It sounds good to me.

Why did I choose wisdom? I love the story of Solomon and how he could have asked God for anything and chose wisdom. God gave him more than he had asked.

I also heard an account that Socrates was called the wisest man in Greece by the Oracle of Delphos. Ironically, Socrates said, "There could be nothing in me to verify the oracle, except this: I am not wise and I know it, and others are not wise and know it not."

I believe that "Mike is wise" is the best thing I could have said of me and it is something I am striving for. Some day maybe? I am doing my best. I may never know when I achieve it. I also like the idea that my children are learning something from me. I am praying for them to have the kind of maturity that would make Jesus proud.

What would you want said about you?
What steps are you taking to get there?
How can I be an encouragement to you to take a step forward in doing it?
Do you have someone you can share this with who can keep you accountable?
Pray about it and ask God for wisdom in what steps you need to take to get there.