Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm A Legalistic Chauvinist, I Guess

This week, one of my former favorite events is happening; The Pepperdine Bible Lectures. I call it "former favorite" because they have made it known that people like me are no longer welcome.

In the past, I had loved to attend along with thousands of my brothers and sisters in the Churches of Christ. The messages were powerful, encouraging, and spirit-filled. It gave me a boost for the year as I worked in ministry.

This year I noticed something that had probably been coming for some time. This year it was more evident...at least to me it was. This year there are many classes focused on women in ministry and women leadership and many that are led by women. There is clearly an agenda that is going forward full-steam. That agenda is the "gender justice" movement.

I love my brothers and sisters but there is no justice in this movement. It is a severe injustice. As I stated in my last post, when men lead and are convicted to follow Jesus, their whole household will follow 93% of the time. When women lead and become Christians only 13% of their families follow them. Taking men out of leadership because there is a woman, as they say, with a gift to lead or preach is an injustice to all those men who are called and challenged in scripture to lead their homes and the church. And it is killing our churches and our men's souls.

I find it sad that on one website calling for "gender justice" people with my thinking are just legalistic, patternistic, chauvinistic misogynists. That's offensive and untrue. It's slander. My stance on this issue comes from God and I find it to be a huge responsibility placed on me to lead. If I do not, I will be disobeying God and walking away from His commands. Galatians 3:28 is not about gender roles. It is about salvation in Christ being for all humankind. (Update: I noticed that the website that used to say that complimentarians are legalists has edited that page and that message is gone.)

I am sad that our brothers and sisters feel that this is some injustice needing to be fixed instead of challenging our men to step up and lead as they have been called. I am pretty conservative, but I have never been included in the "legalistic, patternist" crowd. That used to be reserved for the no classes, no eating in the building, no clapping, etc. group. Now it includes men who think it is their responsibility to lead their homes and the church. So, I guess I am now one of them.

I am thankful and blessed to be given this role. There are many men who thankfully have not abdicated this to our wives and daughters. I hope to return one day for encouragement at Pepperdine...maybe even share my point of view. I hope to hear there is still a place for men and women at PBL who still believe in complimentarian roles. Our voices are still out here. When the Churches of Christ have made this a non-issue, we will still be out here. Maybe then, WE will be the ones crying out for justice.