Monday, April 14, 2014

The Rundown - 5

Some things going through my head this week...

- Don't give me a hard time that I haven't been keeping up with these "weekly" updates weekly.
- The standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and Clive Bundy's Ranch/supporters is just more evidence that we do not live in a truly free country.
- I am happy that those who were there were willing to stand up to armed agents.
- I am afraid that there will be a future confrontation that will end in the loss of multiple lives.
- The media will blame the Tea Party.
- They will say they were just nut jobs that weren't thinking rationally. And it was justified violence. And it will keep us subservient to their will and we will have lost more freedom and liberty.
- "We the People" need less government intervention in our lives.
- That includes less taxes, less regulation, and less hoops to jump through just to make decisions on how we live our lives.
- The framers of the Constitution only allowed for our government to own 10 square miles around Washington DC for the "Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings." For them to confiscate land for all use and to "preserve" animals like the desert tortoise (which is not endangered...they recently killed 1,000 because of OVERpopulation) is illegal, yet we have allowed them to continue to take from "We the People".
- It must be Easter time. That fragment was brought out again with different "experts".
- Those that are anti-Christ love to drag out anything that might harm the faith...or at least cause people to doubt.
- I think they totally throw true scientific method out the window in order to make Christians look bad.
- If we did that with other scientific truths we would be attacked severely (and we are a lot anyway), but they always get a pass in the scientific community when it is about Christianity.
- This fragment isn't even in complete sentences.
- It was debunked in 2012 at Easter time when they did it then.
- There will be another fragment or claim made around Christmas time.
- It's pretty predictable. Easter and Christmas. The world spends most of their time doubting. Christians shouldn't give doubt the time of day. The world has enough to go around.
- Look at how they mocked Mr. T at the WWE Hall of Fame...though I disagree with a lot of his theology, but he read scripture and they mocked him.
- Our church is focusing on "Going Deeper" this year and our message at Easter is about Hope; a much better message than a false fragment with 8 partial sentences on it.
- Do I think it matters if Jesus was married? I might. But that argument doesn't matter because it's over something that is void of scholarship. I could ask an equally valid question: Why do they assume it is Mary Magdalene? I think they have too much DaVinci on the brain.
- I think the issue is more about what it does to try to push the egalitarians forward. That's more harmful than the issue of whether Jesus was married.
- I am doubly convinced the egalitarian movement in the churches of Christ are harming our churches and our men and leadership. As I watch them advance, I see more and more of these churches shrinking and closing their doors and men walking away from the church.
- Other unbiblical messages usually follow right behind egalitarianism.
- I'm having the time of my life teaching the Bible and leading worship at our church. They are special people.
- After a 3 year break, I am ready to be in regular ministry work again.
- My sabbatical from Facebook has been great. I don't miss it.
- I miss talking to my friends though.
- I've been reading some great books lately.
- Portland's foray into football isn't doing so hot.
- Our Timbers are having a rough season too.
- Hoping Hillsboro Hops baseball do well this Boston Red Sox are in last place so far.

That's what is on my mind this week. These are merely my opinions. You don't have to accept them at all.