Friday, May 30, 2014

The Rundown - 10

Here is how my week is going:
- We don't watch movies right when they come out in our home. It's too expensive. So, with Netflix, we catch movies when we have time.
- Just saw Moneyball. Great movie.
- Then watched Knuckleball! a documentary about MLB pitchers who have used this pitch.
- It will be tricky in the Fall when Gotham premiers at the same time Big Bang Theory is on. CBS has Thursday night Football until the end of October, so they moved BBT to Mondays. Gotham has to compete with BBT. Fox likes to cancel shows within a few weeks if people aren't watching. I predict Gotham won't make it to 2 seasons. It will join the ranks of other Fox shows like Firefly and Terra Nova that get cancelled too soon.
- Our zip code is changing. First time that has happened to us. I guess the population is going up around here.
- For all the useless information Jeopardy! contestants know, they NEVER know the Bible questions and they are usually in the form of the Catholic church vocabulary and that's sad...and there's probably a commentary about our society in this somewhere.

And for the more serious:
- It seems to me (my opinion) that the most accepted theology isn't coming from the most intelligent minds. By that I mean that it isn't necessarily coming from a place of trying to find the best and most reliable scholarship. The most accepted theology I see is coming from what people already believe and want to force into Scripture to make it right. And it's coming from smart people, don't get me wrong. I don't mean the people bringing it aren't intelligent. But it is coming from the people that are most liked rather than folks that may not have a large "fan" following.
- We have this need to create new perspectives when the old ones aren't necessarily problematic or wrong. Change for change's sake?
- This summer, our main adult Bible class is going through John MacArthur's book Twelve Ordinary Men on the apostles. Each class is going to be taught by different people. I am teaching 2 classes: Judas Iscariot and another (I haven't chosen yet). Blessed to be given the opportunity to teach the Word.