Monday, May 16, 2016

Loving Neighbor vs. Bible Thumping

We bought a home exactly a year ago. It was a great move for us. We really wanted to be closer to our church so we could be more involved with the ministry happening daily there. Our move to Sherwood was definitely good for us. It is a great community and a good for raising a family.

Our home was and is a fixer-upper. We are constantly seeing new projects as we finish others. But we love having our own place to live not beholden to a landlord. I also love that our home is kind of hidden behind another on a flag lot. We don't get a lot of solicitors because they don't want to walk down our long driveway, especially at night because it can be dark. I also love our flag lot home because we have neighbors that can see our home from their home. And, they do take note when someone is going toward our home.

During our recent vacation, they would see people going into our driveway and note whether they knew what they were doing, or if they looked like snoopers. I am appreciative of this care and concern by our neighbors.

I am getting to know they better each day. We had a long conversation today about the election. He is concerned about the candidates and is sure we are living in the end times based on his understanding of Revelation. I listened as he told me about how he sees things going beyond and some of NASA's findings about history. He also has an interesting take on the Mormon community here in Sherwood. From what he says, they are great allies if our world falls apart. The desire for Christ's return isn't on his radar...from what I gathered, he sees a "best life now" kind of Christian faith in his life. It was interesting for sure, but I believe he was misinformed.

But I didn't tell him that. Contrary to what people think, I don't shove my opinions into the faces of those I disagree with. Especially the people I don't think are saved in Christ. They are in a sense, still naive to the truth and I want them to hear the truth in a gentle and kind way to better grasp what the Gospel is all about without completely dismissing me before hearing it.

He seems to be a kind person who cares for his family. I see the battle he is witnessing in his own life, in the life of his extended family, and the battle in this nation for truth. I know he wants truth. I know he wants people to be good. He's got a wicked awesome comic book collection too. :)

I'm really trying to be the kind of person Christ has called me to be: full of grace and full of truth.

Pray with me as I minister and try to be a good neighbor to Dean and Wendy and their family.