Monday, March 13, 2017

Thoughts on Health

I recently had my Life Insurance renewed and it was also a reality check and wake-up call.

When that happens, they send someone out to check your vitals and draw blood to make sure you aren't dying. As the nurse checked my blood pressure, she asked if it is usually very high or if I take medication. I don't. She asked if I was nervous. Yes, but not to where it would affect my blood pressure. Then she said it was really high and I shouldn't be walking around with blood pressure like this because it isn't healthy. Then it went up more.

I have history of blood pressure issues as well as diabetes in my family. I know I have to take care of myself if I expect to be around to see my grandkids. My Mom passed away 3 years ago and I know that in part it had a lot to do with her size and how she chose to live, eat, and treat her body.

I have been a large guy since High School. My family has lots of large people in it. I am actually the largest in my entire family. I tower over most of them. That, and I am 300+ pounds.

I am resigning to the fact that I cannot eat the way I have my entire life. It's a difficult change, but necessary and needed. If we are ever together having a meal and I decline the things you are eating don't be offended. I just cannot eat certain foods anymore.